The Love Food Podcast Episode 32: Mixed messages about food

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Were you raised with mixed messages around food? Told to not enjoy pleasurable food and yet got encouragement to bond over the same items? I bet you’re exhausted! Listen now for a different way.

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Key Points:

  • Have PCOS and looking for more tools to work toward Food Peace? If you live near Greensboro NC you are in luck! Give us a call for details 336.273.2808 x 0.
  • Food is pleasurable as a means of survival.
  • Healthy eating includes pleasure. Eating feels good and that keeps us alive and well.
  • If food did not feel good then we wouldn’t have survived. Eating food that is just fuel and never pleasurable denies a part of our physiological need.
  • Honor the pleasure that comes from food.
  • There’s just one version of you…not a fat version vs skinny version.
  • Have a son or daughter in a larger body or have a child that really enjoys eating?? Is it pecking at your own food experiences or negative body image? Take care of your own shit to not pass it on.
  • Are you a competent eater?
  • Yo-yo diets harm health.
  • You’re not broken our culture is. We need to rewrite our truths about our body and our food.
  • Honor all the sizes you have experienced as the safe keeper for your soul.
  • Shame never promotes health.
  • You are acceptable just the way you are right now.

Show Notes:

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