Julie is my hero- my husband has been a client for a few years. I would credit her with saving his life … I feel like I take a self-esteem vitamin after I meet with her. As you can tell, I cannot say enough!

Julie Dillon completely changed the way I viewed food. She also inspired me to see my body as an instrument of life, instead of an instrument working against me. Because of her intervention and care, I am eating healthfully, feeling more energized, and sleeping better. I am training for a marathon, and really thinking about how what I eat powers my performance.

Julie has created an open, relaxed, and welcoming environment, while still managing to be professional and organized at all times.

Julie is so personable and relates well to kids. She made my son feel at ease and was able to take his circumstances and make them more concrete by relating them to sports and to what his interests were. He didn’t feel like he was at a doctors office just sitting on a couch, being lectured at. Being 8 at the time, he needed someone to speak to him on his cognitive level and not “over his head”. Julie did a great job doing that.