The Love Food Podcast Episode 31: PCOS, cravings, and bingeing

The Love Food Podcast Episode 31: PCOS, cravings, and bingeing

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Have you been told to cut out sugar or carbs to treat PCOS or pre diabetes and it is just leaving you bingeing and hopeless?

Listen now for ideas to bring to your next doctor’s appointment.

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Key Points:

  • Have PCOS and looking for more tools to work toward Food Peace? If you live near Greensboro NC you are in luck! Give us a call for details 336.273.2808 x 0.
  • Every diet leads to a binge and weight gain.
  • Dieting is the greatest predictor of weight gain and eating disorders.
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) affects 1 in 10 women and has genetic connections. Stop blaming yourself!
  • PCOS affects ovulation, mood, hair, male pattern baldness, and central adiposity. This affects body image for many women.
  • High circulating insulin = growth hormone
  • Hard core restricting may help decrease weight in the beginning yet over time harms health, increases weight, promotes bingeing.
  • Increased cravings, more symptoms, weight gain = time to look into how PCOS managed rather than blame the person.
  • Doctors: How do you treat patients with PCOS in smaller bodies? What are their recommendations??
  • Which foods energize you? Which foods drain you??
  • Do you feel like you are carrying around a bag of rocks when you go to exercise?
  • How are you sleeping??
  • Let’s keep talking about PCOS!

Show Notes:

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