The Love Food Podcast Episode 33: Food the Great distractor

The Love Food Podcast Episode 33: Food the Great distractor

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Does food connect you to the best and worst of times? The ups and downs can feel confusing, prideful, distracting yet detrimental. You may be surprised to know what dieting is keeping you from in your life. Listen now to hear what I am talking about.

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Key Points:

  • Content warning: this letter writer describes a trauma involving a fatal car accident.
  • Food can be a great protector that keep you feeling safe with all the chaos and unpredictable life events.
  • Diets can be a great distraction to all the shitty things in the world.
  • Women are put in a place to value dieting, the perfect body which keeps women from being their true self.
  • Check Julie out at FNCE with Jennifer McGurk and Rebecca Scritchfield presenting on the Hidden Faces of Eating Disorders.
  • Church of the Fit Body: whenever something crappy happening we women are encouraged to distract ourselves by focusing on our appearance.
  • The culture needs to change for us to ultimately heal our relationship with food.
  • You will experience more push back to live body positive if in a fat body.
  • You could continue to diet/binge or give up dieting and live with choosing to not diet. Both will promote pain.
  • Your decision: continue to be distracted by dieting or do you want to be present?

Show Notes:

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