The Love Food Podcast Episode 34 with Emily Fonnesbeck

Julie Dillon

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Did you grow up living without consistent access to food from poverty and/or constant dieting?? Are you super successful in every area of life yet can’t stop eating? It’s not you, it’s something else. Listen now for the details and hear from the fabulous Emily Fonnesbeck RD.

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Key Points:

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  • Food insecurity causes many people to binge eat, hoard food, and feel obsessed with food. Not a cop-out. Legitimate cause of urges to binge and feeling unable to stop eating.
  • Childhood food patterns influence adult behaviors.
  • Takes courage to peel back the darkness.
  • First steps to work toward healing:
    • Food is symbolic. Wonder what food represents missed during childhood? Be that for herself. Validate have wants and needs.
    • Appreciate how much deprivation contributes to bingeing, feeling unable to stop eating. It’s a physiologically programmed response.
  • Want to heal your relationship with food? Stop pursuing weight loss or will continue to feel like can’t stop eating.
  • It wasn’t your fault you keep eating. Your body was/is trying to save you. Your not broken, needing to be fixed. Kick that shame to the curb!!
  • Make room for the feeling without feeling shame for it being there.
  • Compassionate curiosity is the foundation for food peace.

Show Notes:

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