The Love Food Podcast Episode 36 with Dawn Clifford

Julie Dillon

Tags: intuitive eating, scale, weight, weight loss
The Love Food Podcast Episode 36 with Dawn Clifford


Try Intuitive Eating and just experienced a crash and burn? Don’t give up. Julie discusses ways that may help you experience peace with food with Dr. Dawn Clifford. Listen now for insight.

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Key Points:

  • “That big hunk of metal gets way more power than it deserves.” Reba Sloan
  • IE is meant to help one heal their relationship with food not as a weight loss tool.
  • Can you have a peaceful relationship with food with weight loss as a goal?
  • Taking the scale out of your home can be an important step in your journey to making peace with food. Can make steps gradually to checking less or burn it!
  • Think small steps to help get back on track with intuitive eating. Try to avoid “all or nothing” and appreciate you don’t have to be all in.
  • Intuitive eating can easily be interpreted in a black and white way just like diets.
  • Motivational interviewing
  • What drove you to step on the scale?
  • Where do you stand in your body image?
  • Everyone’s needs are different.
  • Satter Eating Competence Model
    • Eating attitudes (whether or not experiencing positive eating….important!)
    • Food acceptance (picky eating)
    • Internal regulation (hunger, fullness, satiety)
    • Contextual skills (planning, preparing, grocery shopping, cooking)
  • Pivot to enhance eating competence before easing back into Intuitive Eating

Show Notes:

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