The Love Food Podcast Episode 37

Julie Dillon

Tags: binge, binge eating, diets, freedom, intuitive eating, permission, weight loss
The Love Food Podcast Episode 37


Do you think if you lost weight you’d finally be free? Are you stuck in a loop of binge–> notice weight gain–> diet–> binge–> repeat? Feel like you would be free from its hellish grip if you could just lose the weight?? Like the binges would cease to exist once the weight was lost?? Do you wonder why you have been trapped in this for decades?? Julie sees what’s blocking your path. Listen now for insight.

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Key Points:

  • Content warning: specific weight discussion
  • Healthy vs unhealthy versions of food = food dichotomy = black and white thinking = perfectionism that doesn’t even exist. This is a disordered eating pattern and will keep you stuck in this loop.
  • Practice giving yourself permission to eat these “unhealthy foods” although not easy. Can typically take a year for this to stick.
  • Freedom will only happen by not place your worth and value in your weight and weight loss pursuit.
  • Pursuing weight loss keeps us in the disordered eating loop. Keeps foods in that dichotomy.
  • The pursuit of weight loss would enhance the binge/diet loop and enhance the black and white thinking.
  • How do you move away from using weight as a measure of health and worth?? Find a counselor and dietitian who align with these values.
  • When seduced by the fantasy of losing weight be aware that is happening and call it out as the mindfuck that it is. Expect sadness, grief, and anger.
  • You don’t need to fight yourself to find freedom. Rather you need to fight the culture. You need to fight body hate in order to find your own food peace.

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