The Love Food Podcast Episode 38 with Tracy Brown

Julie Dillon

Tags: binge eating, emotional eating, intuitive eating, normal eating
The Love Food Podcast Episode 38 with Tracy Brown


Have you had an emotional connection to food that has helped you cope with crappy life events yet now you want to experience food in the way intended? Do you long to be a normal eater? Listen now for insight to steady and stable.

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Key Points:

  • Who is a normal eater? Especially these days, our culture’s typical normal eating is disordered, rigid, and pathological. There is a way through!
  • It is normal to emotionally eat sometimes. Unless you are a robot.
  • Sometimes it hurts more than helps and it’s a great first step when recognize this.
  • Want normal eating = want peacefulness
  • Tracy Brown RD uses her experiences on farm to the rewiring brain process:
    • Dad never mowed shoulder-high pasture around pond.
    • A faint path would go down when drove over it and it would be tough to go over.
    • Becomes path of least resistance over time and easier.
    • Food behaviors can become path of least resistance.
    • What if made new path?? Will feel foreign or illegal at first yet over time you will get the hang of it.
    • Be sure to pause to help you recognize what’s going on.
  • Create a pause to create something new. This is the first step!
  • Progress comes from permission and the pause.
  • I feel fat may = I feel uncomfortable.
  • Making new pathways is messy and honor the old path’s functionality.
  • Get to the story of what makes it uncomfortable. What else could you be hungry for?
  • Doing this work will make your eating normal in your definition yet abnormal within our current eating culture.

Show Notes:

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