The Love Food Podcast Episode 41

The Love Food Podcast Episode 41


Are you working toward eating disorder recovery yet wonder if you have the strength to see it through?? Does your battle toward 100% recovery feel like an impossible dream? Listen now for insight.

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Key Points:

  • Julie needs your letters! Send your letter detailing your complicated relationship with Food to
  • Get out paper and pencil for an exercise!
  • Recovery is messy, unclear, bumpy, weathered not linear or a destination.
  • Our world has not recovered yet.
  • First, learn to live with your biology then how to rewire it.
  • Eating disorder recovery is not a sprint rather a marathon.
  • ED recovery takes usually ~7 to 14 years.
  • Carolyn Costin quote:”Recovery can’t be something you dip your toe in to. For it to be fully felt and completely comprehended, you have to immerse yourself.”
  • We can’t pick and choose parts of recovery to get there. Part of recovery is facing the fear of fat and staying with it if indeed your body needs to be.
  • Size diversity is healthy yet live in a fat-phobic world.
  • Seek out group support to aid in recovery.
  • Health of every size is an approach to attuned eating, movement and body image that does not use the scale as a measure of progress. Size diversity is celebrated and a social justice issue. img_7553

Show Notes:

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