The Love Food Podcast Episode 43

Julie Dillon

Tags: binge, bulimia, eating disorder, empowerment, recovery, weight
The Love Food Podcast Episode 43


Are you ready to heal your relationship with food yet stuck?? How do you make amends with food and your body when disordered eating is all you’ve known? Are you ready to make a change yet unsure of the steps? Listen now for a new set of directions.

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Key Points:

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  • You’ve been fighting for many years and I appreciate that is exhausting!
  • The doctor’s comment did not cause this struggle yet totally F-ed it up! Doctors pointing out fat bodies as wrong happens too often and leads to distrusting the body and feeling unacceptable. I wish health providers knew their power to prevent eating disorders especially when a mom brings her child in concerned about disordered eating. To health providers: don’t say they should lose weight or exercise more!!
  • Shame in the food choices: food dichotomy doesn’t promote health. Food isn’t supposed to have this much power and pride.
  • Food gets too much power. It doesn’t deserve it!
  • Bulimia’s behaviors promote fluid shifts, puffiness, and body shame.
  • Relationships heal this. They are much more important and valuable than this eating disorder.
  • Next steps are painful BUT all worth it because recovery will allow these relationships to continue to blossom and fulfill your life.
  • You need to choose from a “healthy” weight loss journey OR eating disorder recovery? Can’t have both. We can’t make peace with food AND pursue weight loss. Pursuing weight loss will only enhance eating disorder behavior and negative body image.
  • Healthy relationships are not compatible with the eating disorder.
  • Unconditional acceptance and respect is what is missing.
  • Take it slow. Day by day. Surround yourself with helpers. Be mindful to pick a helper that is body positive.

Show Notes:

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