The Love Food Podcast Episode 48 with Lauren Anton

The Love Food Podcast Episode 48 with Lauren Anton


Do you feel like your preoccupation and shame around food and your body end up making you miss out on parts of your life? Do you feel embarrassed and judged by your size, and often find other peoples’ comments about your weight triggering? Are you a person of size trying to navigate the professional world of health and nutrition while still feeling comfortable in your own skin? Listen now for some solutions on overcoming the shame and judgment around your body size.

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Key Points:

  • The importance of size diversity in the nutrition and dietetics profession.
  • Diets and kids: So often, kids are put on diets at a young age because they are considered “overweight.” This often does more harm than good, and ends up creating a breeding ground for a disordered relationships with food to grow.
  • Lauren Anton joins to answer the writer’s letter!
  • The unfair expectations placed on people in the health and wellness professions to look and act a certain way.
  • Surround yourself with like-minded folks who subscribe to an all-foods-fit, HAES mentality rather than people who are obsessed with food, calories, over-exercising, and dieting in order to avoid being around people who might be entrenched in weight stigma.
  • Some schools are adding advocacy and size diversity to their nutrition curriculum!
  • Weight loss is not the goal!!! Let’s be advocates of size diversity, rather than forcing everyone into one specific body type.
  • Would you say an English bulldog should look like a pit bull???? AKA, our bodies are the size and shape they are meant to be, and we should never try to force them to be something different.
  • “The body’s gonna do what it will.” – Lauren
  • How we relate to food mirrors how we relate to others and ourselves.
  • If we let judgment control our food choices, it only leads to weight cycling and a tumultuous relationship with food.
  • We must learn to love, respect, and accept ourselves!
  • Being in a larger body is not the bad thing. The way we treat and perceive the larger body is the bad thing.
  • Mindful eating and hunger/fullness techniques are not another diet!
  • Part of engaging with food is allowing joy.
  • You are worthy of nourishment no matter your size!!!

Show Notes:

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