The Love Food Podcast Episode 61

The Love Food Podcast Episode 61

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Do you live in a fat body and struggle to make peace with food due to the overwhelming fat phobia in our culture? Are your healthcare providers, friends, and family urging you to lose weight, even though your body size is right for you? Listen now for some answers on how to overcome this difficult hurdle to making peace with food and your body.

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Episode’s Key Points:

  • Part of recovery and healing our relationship with food and our bodies is making peace with our body shape and size, no matter where it may fall. This can be a super difficult part of the process, especially for people who end up in fat bodies because we live in an extremely fat-phobic society!!
  • Prescribing diets for long-term weight loss just DOESN’T work!
  • How do we learn to accept and respect our body in a world that doesn’t treat all bodies with kindness?
  • Food peace means learning to be flexible, compassionate, and accepting.
  • We have to learn to trust our hunger and fullness cues, along with our satisfaction levels. But when we learn to let go and trust out internal regulation to tell us how much food we need to eat, we also have to let go of our hopes to control our body size.
  • Sometimes intuitive eating results in a body size that is larger than the culturally “accepted” standard. This whole idea of “too large” and subscribing to the thin ideal is a huge no-no, as we can all achieve health at any size, but this judgment from others can be a huge barrier to food and body peace!
  • Pursuing weight loss and a smaller body is part of what leads to eating disorders.
  • Eating disorders kill someone every 23 hours.
  • You don’t have to experience an eating disorder in order to be given permission to trust your body’s hunger and fullness cues!
  • Unfortunately, trusting our bodies and having a peaceful relationship with food is NOT a normal occurrence these days.
  • Dieting is disordered eating!!
  • PCOS and disordered eating go hand in hand… some people with PCOS end up in a larger body due to insulin levels, and part of the common “treatment” involves weight loss. BUT not everyone with PCOS is in a fat body, so why do we use weight loss as a primary treatment??
  • If you’re trying to deal with doctors while in a fat body, a great question to ask is, “What would you tell a thin person suffering with the condition I’ve come in here to talk about?” This way you won’t just get the standard “lose weight” directive, and you may actually get some quality healthcare that doesn’t focus on weight!
  • Pursuing weight loss is one of the most unhealthy mindsets we can have. The more we pursue weight loss, the more we will weigh, and the more at risk we are for an eating disorder.
  • It’s time we challenge our weight bias!! It’s easier for us to change the culture than to ask fat people to lose weight.
  • Focusing on recovery, rather than weight loss, will help with people dealing with PCOS.
  • I will be launching a special PCOS, food peace course in September!!!
  • Did you know that on average it takes meeting with five different counselors before you meet your perfect therapeutic match?? Keep looking for your best therapist!
  • Online courses can also be a great supplementary support resource, and there are a ton popping up!
  • Can we pursue body and food respect for our children?? So often we pass body hate onto our kids.
  • Over 70 studies show that intuitive eaters have healthier bodies and remain at more stable weights than dieters. Intuitive eating helps people come back to health!
  • If we work towards respecting our bodies, our size will level out at a place that is most comfortable for the individual.
  • Our next episode of the Love, Food Podcast will feature Evelyn Tribole, co-author of Intuitive Eating!
  • Surround yourself with more people who will support your body peace journey!!
  • All bodies are good bodies, and all bodies deserve to feel at home in their skin.

Show Notes:

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