I’m a closet eater. And, so ashamed.

I’m a closet eater. And, so ashamed.

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Have you ever been someone who sneak eats, or eats other people’s food as a way to disguise your own food patterns? Do you identify as a binge eater who has battled the restrict-binge cycle your whole life? Does food feel like a vice, rather than a wonderful tool of connection and nourishment? Listen now for some solutions to these challenges.

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Episode’s Key Points:

  • Around age five or six, all children go through “Adiposity Rebound.” This usually means that developmentally, children will gain weight to prepare for growth in the next few years. Our bodies as kids change so drastically all the time!
  • We live in a fat phobic society!! It’s a disgusting reality, but we live in a culture that is not accepting of larger bodies.
  • If an adolescent in your life comes to you and says they want to lose weight, go on a diet, or start an exercise regimen, DO NOT offer to go on it with them! This sends the message that their body needs fixing. Instead, let them know that you will love them no matter what, unconditionally.
  • Every BINGE starts with RESTRICTION!!
  • There are so many people who understand this struggle, feel shame around their eating behaviors, and experience the tug of war of bingeing and restricting.
  • Stop the food fight and take a rest!
  • Dieting and restriction are the SAME THINGS!!
  • The more we restrict and the more we sit in shame, the more we binge.
  • There is a function of binge eating disorder! Bingeing can help us to disconnect from discomfort.
  • Recovery from binge eating disorder takes, on average, six to seven years. Do so with the help of an eating disorder dietitian and a whole team of experts!
  • Eating disorders are complicated because they include elements of mental health along with cultural issues of size acceptance.
  • We live in a world that hasn’t recovered from its own eating disorder yet!!
  • Counseling and therapy are KEY elements to recovery!
  • Work with a counselor and a dietitian together to help you along your journey and speed up your recovery process.
  • You’re worth recovery!!
  • Shame is a HUGE weight on our shoulders… remove it with the help of professionals!
  • You CAN find balance and food peace!!

Show Notes:

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