Trick or Treat this Halloween?

Julie Dillon

Decisions, decisions: should we hand out raisins, pennies, or pencils this Halloween? Answer: choose any of these and my 12-year-old self will be standing in line, adrenaline pumping, at Walmart with dozens of toilet paper rolls destined for your home.

Of course, eating candy all day everyday will lead to rotten teeth, insulin abnormalities, and a mean tummy ache. I trust your body will not want you to eat candy with this much frequency…unless you come from a home that handed out raisins and you weren’t allowed to enjoy Halloween candy. (Even then, there’s a way to work through this.)

Fellow dietitian Maryann Jacobson wisely describes this rationale here. Even more, she explains how to help your kids have a healthy relationship with Halloween candy. With her described strategy, they can enjoy it and be healthy.

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