Values and Beliefs

Julie Dillon

Values and Beliefs

Hey there. This is an evolving document that allows me to capture my values and beliefs. These values and beliefs are important to me because they inform how I work, live, parent, and move through this life. These values may be informative to you as you decide if our values align and whether you will like to work with me in any way.

Values + Beliefs

  • I do not teach people how to diet. I hope to teach people how to recover from diet culture, feel at home in their body, and promote health (if that is what they are seeking). I use evidenced based practice and practice based evidence.
  • I believe diets don’t work and are inherently racist. I have come to appreciate that white supremacy has infiltrated all areas of our lives and in the air we breathe. I believe white supremacy is the founding father for misogyny, capitalism, and diet culture. I support Black Lives Matter. My anti-diet work is rooted in anti-racist education, unlearning, listening, and restitution for my role in white supremacy.
  • I strive to be an ally to higher weight/fat people. (Please know I am using the word fat as a neutral descriptor rather than to disparage.) I value body size diversity in the past, present, and future. I aim to speak up for access, advocate for comprehensive medical care, and step aside when asked to teach about body size diversity.
  • I believe in body autonomy. This value drives my framework foundation and practice. What does body autonomy mean? You get to decide what to do with your body, how to eat, how to move, if at all. I am against diet culture not the dieter. I may not agree with a person’s decision to diet and I will always respect it. I appreciate access opens up with thin privilege and that is not something I have ever had to struggle with.
  • I want to be a part of increasing access to fat positive anti-diet resources. At the same time I ask to be paid what I believe my resources are worth. My PCOS and Food Peace course is expensive on purpose: it packages up 20 years of training, practice, resources and support while funding access for others experiencing economic hardship. At least 10% of course members get free access. The course also funds my free podcast episodes, blog posts, free or low cost supervision for BIPOC dietitians, and donations to anti-racist anti-diet organizations.
  • I value feedback. I appreciate I harm because of my unearned privileges and I am starting to appreciate I will always harm. Because of this, I appreciate feedback people have given to me to let me know when I have harmed. These critiques help me grow to be a kinder more just human so selfishly I appreciate when people give me this information. Those who have given me feedback in the past or will in the future: thank you for being so generous with your time and believing that I can do better.

Unearned Privileges

I am white, married, straight, small-sized, able-bodied, cis-gender woman raised as a Christian.

I have unearned financial privilege that helped me access my dietetic internship to become a registered dietitian. I believe dietetics is inherently racist and toxic for people with marginalized identities.

I am committed to lifelong anti-racist work yet appreciate my lived experiences will mean I am not always a good fit or safe. I acknowledge I harm and will always harm because of my unearned privileges. I benefit from white supremacy. I aim to be an ally to LGBTQIA+ identifying individuals and to people of all faiths, ethnicities, documentation status, abilities, races, and genders.

That’s all for now

Please know this will evolve over time so if you come back it may be different. Grammar and spelling are not my gifts; there probably are typos here. If you can still decipher what I am saying then I am ok with the mistake. I hope you can tolerate that imperfection while I am trying to tolerate it too. If the grammar or spelling keeps you from understanding my point–please let me know. That I would like a chance to clarify! My email is



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