Love Food Podcast Episode 20: I can’t stop binge eating!

Julie Dillon

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Love Food Podcast Episode 20: I can’t stop binge eating!

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If you’ve always been on a diet or off a diet bingeing, then you can relate to this episode’s letter writer. Do you yearn for a healthy relationship with food yet can’t stop bingeing? Listen now for strategies to ease your mind and promote healing.

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Key Points:

  • Overweight = Over What??
  • What if no one ever told you your weight was wrong? How would you relate to food and your body? Important questions to consider as working toward healing.
  • Healing can happen by honoring the valid functions and roles food plays in life and coping with life’s transitions, stressors, and traumas.
  • Healing also happens when we jump off the diet train instead of focusing on being on or off the wagon. Disembark now!
  • Grief work will find a place in this space and that’s ok.
  • What if focused more on a healing relationship with food instead of a healthy relationship with food? Will be less all or nothing and pefectionistic tendencies (which helps no one experience health).

Show Notes:

    • Kari Anderson DBH, LPC from Green Mountain at Fox Run helps Julie answer this letter. You can reach her at She is amazing and a source of healing for many.
    • Green Mountain at Fox Run blog and information on their Pathway Program for Binge and Emotional Eating.
    • Eating What you Love, Love What You Eat for Binge Eating by Michelle May and Kari Anderson

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