I’m trying to embrace my body but finding it difficult in this moment. (Ep 109 with Haley Goodrich)

I’m trying to embrace my body but finding it difficult in this moment. (Ep 109 with Haley Goodrich)

Have you struggled with yo-yo dieting, weight cycling, and weight gain? Are you trying to embrace your body, but finding it difficult in this moment? Listen now to hear Haley Goodrich and I tackle this part of the Food Peace™ journey.

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Episode’s Key Points:

  • Sometimes we may struggle with a disconnection from our body. Instead of listening to our internal cues, we focus on external measures like calories and other numbers. But we have to move away from this to find authentic health!
  • The world is still really stuck in diet culture, and so we have to guard ourselves against the messaging around us!
  • Support is ESSENTIAL to this process, especially from clinicians that understand Health at Every Size.
  • We have to be sure that we’re getting ENOUGH food every day, and that we’re finding satisfaction from our food experiences in order to feel truly satiated.
  • In this diet culture world, we actually might be UNDER eating! This can make our bodies think we’re starving, which leads to bingeing. Make sure you’re eating enough and eating a VARIETY of foods!
  • It’s also important to make sure that we’ve fully made peace with ALL foods! This is a part of intuitive eating, and will help you to balance your eating behaviors. Having true permission to eat can transform your relationship with food and can even help you to honor your body overall, which can help support body acceptance and body respect.
  • Common aches and pains happen to people in ALL body sizes! If someone blames your knee pain on your size, they’re being fatphobic, PERIOD!! By allowing your body to be where it wants to be, you’re actually giving yourself the best opportunity to heal.
  • All of diet culture is about MONEY!

Show Notes:

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