How do I fully let go?? {Episode 95}

How do I fully let go?? {Episode 95}

Have you finally found food freedom with intuitive eating, but are now struggling with the difficult emotions that used to be managed with food? Listen now for some relief from this food peace conundrum.

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Episode’s Key Points:

  • Intuitive eating can feel SO freeing and exciting, but it also can be tough and SUPER scary!
  • Can you sit with the uncomfortable emotions that come up during the intuitive eating process?
  • Emotional eating is a part of normal eating!! The problem is when food is the ONLY method we have to soothe hard feelings.
  • Part of the food peace journey is moving away from diet culture.
  • Give yourself unconditional permission to eat, and unconditional permission to eat food emotionally!
  • Our world hasn’t recovered from it’s own eating disorder yet, and that means that food peace can feel really, really hard.
  • We need more fat positivity in our world. Exploring more body image resources can help mitigate the hard feelings that come up in the food peace journey.
  • Intuitive eating takes TIME. Give yourself some patience and compassion, and know that you’re going to get there eventually.
  • Immerse yourself in recovery… jump all in!! Give yourself unconditional permission to eat, and unconditional permission to let your body be where it needs to be.
  • ALL of our bodies will change throughout our lives, so we need to make peace with our body no matter what it looks like at any one time.
  • You can’t experience recovery until you’re ALL IN! Surround yourself with other food peace and body acceptance warriors to support your journey.

Show Notes:

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