The Love Food Podcast Episode 30: I want to make peace with food while pursuing weight loss.

The Love Food Podcast Episode 30: I want to make peace with food while pursuing weight loss.

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Have you been working on making peace with food and yearn to lose weight? Can you practice mindful intuitive eating while pursuing weight loss? Julie and her guest, fellow dietitianAaron Flores, sort this out. Listen here now!

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Key Points:

  • Eating disorder recovery has two steps: making peace with food then making peace with your body. Living in a fat body in our thin-obessessed world has many challenges especially if you are trying to live without diets and the desire to lose weight.
  • As making peace with food, it is common to not trust the process. Aaron uses a cool metaphor about being in the shallow end of the pool and knowing work needs to be done in the deep end. But going to that deep end is terrifying without floaties.
  • Remember to look how far you’ve come and be proud of the progress so far.
  • Binge eating disorder recovery is messy and not linear. It can be even messier if living in a fat body because our society undermines making peace with food. This chips away the trust we build through the process.
  • Do I need to learn to be a little bit hungry?? ABSOLUTELY not.
  • Honor the function of your rebellion. Deprivation will further fuel the rebellion.
  • We dietitians need to be comfortable with this rebellious time. Help clients hold the space.
  • Seek out people and resources that help you maintain positive body image. See the Food Peace Syllabus addition below.
  • Compassionate curiosity is the foundation for your food peace.
  • You cannot work on peace with food while pursuing weight loss.

Show Notes:

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