The Love Food Podcast Episode 40

Julie Dillon

Tags: dieting, empowerment, family, giving up, intuitive eating, motivation, non diet, shame
The Love Food Podcast Episode 40


Are you exhausted from your current relationship with food? The guilt, shame, excitement, fear, and despair often wear down energy levels to disempower change. Recharge by listening now.

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Key Points:

  • Editor’s note: This episode 40 needed to be released because episode 39 wasn’t quite ready. I’m trying to be ok with the break in numbering and hope you can be too.
  • Trying to recover from an eating disorder is exhausting especially within a family and world that hasn’t recovered yet.
  • We feel your exhaustion!!
  • Your awareness will bring more progress. This is the first step! And a big one.
  • Your family of origin greatly shapes your relationship with food. Don’t just brush it under the rug. Hear the noise yet try to navigate around it.
  • Curiosity
  • Finding a team can really help alleviate this exhaustion.
  • Don’t get stuck in the shame loop.
  • So you know the diet industry is all a sham. Join us out of the fog.
  • You have options and choices. You can experienced more empowerment by leaving diets and stop trying to control your body. WE BELIEVE IN YOU!
  • “Motivational” clichés as rules yet really shame-inducing myths. Look for quotes that ARE inspiring without shame and guilt. Clean up your social media to better include body positivity. This can help you normalize all body sizes.

Show Notes:

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